Welcome to www.safe-internet-casinos.info, where we will tell you all about the places you can go to make your money and feel safe about it. You should trust us for two very big reasons. We know casinos and we know online casinos. Who are we you ask?

  • Alan “Diceman” Petrosky
  • Jason “Index Finger” Adams
  • Robert “Highschool Lover” Vaughn
  • Lance “The Rubber” Brungardt
  • Clayton “Jailtime” Saidi

Nice to meet you.

You see, we’re not just a group of friends. We are a group of pro gamblers who have done the rounds all over best casinos in the world from Monte Carlo to Macau and lived to tell the story. Each of us has a story to tell and our nicknames are just the tip of the iceberg. We have been traveling a long time and along the way we fill the gaps with online play. With the new crop of online casinos we have had a whole new challenge on our hands: how to suss out the best places to play and not fall prey to cheaters.

This is where it gets interesting. The only way to do it was to play them all. We didn’t do it as a public service. We did it because we could. Pro gambling isn’t just a hobby. It’s a career and an obsession. Playing at every casino out there became our own personal journey into the heart of darkness. Our obsession. Our Everest.

Good news for you, then. Because now we can tell you about the online casinos where we had our best experiences. The following online casinos are safe enough that we would feel confident sending our own mothers there. Well…not Alan’s mother. She scares us. But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s talk casinos, shall we?

Drum roll, please…. Here is our list of safe casinos that you should play at.

Golden Riviera Casino

What? It’s the Riviera, baby. Cannes, topless beaches, crazy film festivals. Ok, ok, you won’t really see topless beaches or go to film festivals. It’s an online casino. But who cares? That’s what the real Riviera is for, right? After you win some big money at the Golden Riviera you can just buy your first class tickets to the real deal. What the hell, maybe you’ll just buy a villa while you’re at it. So why Golden Riviera? Two words: Malta and eCOGRA. The E.U. says they’re all right and eCOGRA agrees. Your money is safe here. E.U. licensing ensures that it is. These guys are locked down like fort knox. 128-bit encryption, vetted software, the works. And you know what else? $2,500 FREE to play with for an entire hour when you sign up. Who needs topless beaches. Money talks.


This old geezer of a place? Yes. This is the original. The first casino to take a money wager online. It was started by none other than William "Billy" Scott, who went on to be a bazillionaire. You’d know who he is if you were in the “circle”. So let’s get something straight here. You don’t get to be the oldest casino on the web by being crooks. The dishonest casinos get shut down real quick and their operators get on the FBI shit list real fast. The only way to stick around is to do everything right. And at InterCasino they have it down pat. Malta licensing, stellar reputation, and top notch security. Not enough? How about the fact that Ryan Hartley, the casino manager trolls around the game rooms and virtual poker tables, if he chats you up he’ll just give you fifty bucks for the hell of it? It’s called the “Where’s Ryan H?” casino bonus and no one else has anything similar.

Platinum Play Casino

Fancy, fancy fancy. Right down to the Maltese License, the Swiss vault quality encryption, the eCOGRA seal, these guys don’t skimp. Want money? How about $1,500 for free? No deposit required? Are they crazy? No. If they were, their casino wouldn’t be run as well as it is. Owned by the Fortune Lounge Group, you can rest easy that this is one of the big boys and your money is safe here. Platinum Play Casino is top notch all the way—right down to the high-def graphics. You could play this on a big screen TV and you’d feel like you were looking at the real deal. A similar casino would be JackpotCity with lots of proressive jackpots.

Spin Palace Casino

You don’t win four major industry awards for sucking. These guys have already snagged awards from Gambling Online Magazine, Casinomeister, Web TV and others. Customer service here is no joke. At Spin Palace, they have operators in 15 languages and they’ll eat their shoe if you’re not a happy customer. Their systems are locked down with some serious security measures so you really don’t need to worry while you’re playing there. All you need to worry about is how you’re going to spend the $1,000 they throw in your face when you sign up.

Betway Casino

Sick of safe casinos yet? We’re not. Betway is another one of Malta’s proud licensees. The E.U. says they’re cool so we say they’re cool. Not only is your money safe there. Your bets are safe too. With a 97% global payback rate you have no excuse not to go home a big winner. They take their security so seriously that they picked the most stable system on the market to base their software on. It will never crash. If your computer crashes, though…you don’t have to worry. They will actually freeze the game at the exact moment you disappeared and it will be waiting for you when you get back. You know what else Betway has? Exotic games. That’s right. It’s not just slots here. There are all sorts of ways you can invest your $1,000 welcome bonus. By all sorts of ways, I mean games. All sorts of games. I don’t know what you were thinking of.

Check out this cool video showing the games of Golden Riviera Casino: